“...Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matt: 6:21

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                                                20th ANNIVERSARY – 2018

In His Steps Foundation was first established in the year 1998 by a committed group of Christian men who came together to form a foundation for Christians for the means of easy philanthropic gifting to Christian ministries across northeast Ohio.  The idea was to provide a venue by which Christians could establish donor advised funds and contribute to an endowment of invested funds whose dividends would provide capital for administrative overhead and liquidity for additional gifting.  The services of IHS would include estate planning and opportunities to invest in a Biblically Responsible portfolio.  Other dividends in the general fund would be used to create the General Fund Grant Committee, by which IHS as an entity itself, could also gift to evangelical organizations in northeast Ohio.  Evangelism was always the most important component of criteria to determine a ministry’s value to receive a grant.  Over the years, as In His Steps has grown, the General Fund Grants Committee has expanded as well.  Initially, IHS was started with an investment of one million dollars.  Today, after 20 years, that investment has grown to 32 million dollars!  We now have almost 200 donor advised funds and Charitable Gift annuity funds, with about 50 ministry endowments.  Our grant committee began with under 10 ministry grants.  We now have over 60.  God has multiplied the growth of In His Steps Foundation beyond what the founders imagined.  He has known that IHS could be a vehicle by which generous Christian givers could implement their giving plans simply and effectively to be consistent with their Christian testimony, and to give glory to God by telling this story!
During this 20th anniversary year, we are asking all of our stakeholders and potential givers to contribute to our fundraising program to help us raise the largest amount of money ever this year.  We want to raise $500,000 - all for the grant committee to give larger grants to the work of God here in northeast Ohio.  The committee spends all summer long doing due diligence on the applicants to certify that they are each worthy donees.  Then they will all receive grants in October at the Fall Focus event.  The Grant Committee promotes the ministries to the givers of the In His Steps family giving them an opportunity to give to kingdom workers in their own backyard.  God is doing mighty things in our region.  All across the spectrum, people with all manner of need, are hearing the Gospel and coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  And In His Steps Foundation is front and center in providing funding for the ministries on the front lines.  Glory to God for raising up givers and workers to accomplish His wondrous work in northeast Ohio.