“...Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matt: 6:21

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Abigail is located in Norwalk, Ohio to serve the women in Huron County, who are facing a crisis pregnancy.  Norwalk is located about halfway between Cleveland and Sandusky and is a small, rural town.  Abigail ministers in conjunction with some of the churches to serve young women faced with unplanned pregnancies.  They launched a new program this year called Embrace Grace in two churches in Norwalk and Willard.  This program is a teaching and mentoring program that lasts for twelve weeks.  The primary goal of Embrace Grace is to empower churches in the area to be safe and non-judging places for the girls to run to when they find out they are pregnant and where they can have a sense of welcoming support vs any shame and guilt. During Embrace Grace, the girls experience fellowship and discipleship as they transition from being lost, pregnant teenagers into strong, single moms.  Then the sequel program is called Embrace Life, and this curriculum equips single, new moms to flourish in their relationship with God.  Not only do they survive in life, but they thrive!  These brave moms learn spiritual and practical ways (budgeting, self-care, etc.) to help navigate their way through life while using the Holy Spirit as their compass.  In 2016 the program met
from the end of January until the end of April. Four girls attended with almost perfect attendance and graduated.  Of the four, one dedicated her life to Christ, started attending church, and now brings her boyfriend to church as well.  She even spoke at one of the largest churches in the county to tell how Embrace Grace impacted her life!  When they graduate, the girls get to be special guests at their Princess Day.  Midway during the program, the church gave all four of them a baby shower.  No doubt, these girls would never have been able to enjoy an event like this.  One of the leaders noticed that after class, three of the girls would often linger.  One said, “This is my safe place.  This is the highlight of my week to be here.”  What a confirmation that the program is succeeding to speak the language of the lost, pregnant teen and communicating the love of Christ to that special girl God loves.  In His Steps is so proud to be funding this life-changing program in the rural community of Norwalk, Ohio, knowing the Word is going forth in a very practical, affirming way.


Here at IHS Foundation we have a Disaster Relief Fund that is used to help bring relief from natural catastrophes like the tornadoes and hurricanes that have caused much destruction and many fatalities across the South and Midwest regions of the U.S. Donations to this Fund go to Christian ministry relief organizations that act to help save lives and bring the love of Christ to people when they need it most.

If you would like to help with a donation, please send your gifts to our office with a note designating the IHS Disaster Relief Fund (U.S. Tornado Relief) or click on the donate button below to give via credit card or PayPal.