“...Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matt: 6:21

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                                           Building Behaviors Center Camp 

The Building Behaviors Center provides a summer camp program to an under-served group of children on the Autism Spectrum.  Their program is one week long and is for kids with Autism, anxiety, ADHD, or one of the many other childhood disorders. Kids are exposed to educational classes that teach positive mental, physical, social, behavioral, and spiritual health through sports, art activities, music, and relationship building.  The entire camp is provided within a behavioral program.  Each child works with a camp counselor, who is trained in behavioral interventions.  Each child also has a behavior plan to reinforce the skills taught at the camp.  Staff rewards each child frequently and consistently either in a small group setting or one-on-one.  Behavioral Health includes following rules; mental health involves anger management; social health teaches about making eye contact, interpreting body language, understanding idioms; physical health includes healthy eating and exercise, and spiritual health is taught from a Christian perspective regarding how to talk to God in an age-appropriate way.  This year the camp’s theme was Ocean Adventurers.  The campers were oceanographers in search of a lost ship in the ocean, but then they stumbled upon Noah's ark. There were 19 campers.  Over half were repeat campers, but out of the new campers, 4 requested bibles at the end of the week.  The parents really enjoyed the drama the kids put on for them at the end of the week, which also contained the Gospel message.  Almost all the kids are followed up during their social skills classes during the year, where the Gospel is presented again every six weeks.  What a privilege to watch the light turn on for these children, who struggle so hard living in this confusing world, unsure of truth and consequences!  But God’s Word can become the truth for them too, as He prepares their hearts to hear at just the right moment.  Amen.